International Goodwill Embassy

Goodwill, the most traditional and valued gift of our civilization.

Goodwill Ambassadors of the World

Making Positive Contributions to our World

The International Goodwill Embassy represents a collective agenda based on the ideal of bringing goodwill to solve some of the world's greatest challenges and address global issues while recognizing its protagonists which include global and local goodwill ambassadors from a wide-range of organizations including the United Nations, US states, nations, cities, non-governmental organizations (NGO)s, international civil society organizations (iCSO)s, and other benign non-state actors.

Any individual or organization that projects and promotes themselves and positive ideals across national or international borders can potentially be recognized by our civil society.

Double Headed Eagle
The Double-Headed Eagle is a universal symbol of empire, dominion, power and unity used since the Bronze Age.

Recognition is the Key to Success

With the abundant and prolific use of the word terminology "goodwill ambassador" since we began in the social media to become recognized as an influencer and protagonist in civil diplomacy we have had to redevelop and reform our organization to better recognize those who have achieved their success based in a non-discriminatory fashion to better represent a democratic world-view.

In the past, as well as the present day, only those who are credible, properly aligned, and connected for the right reasons should be recognized as goodwill ambassadors and ever more frequently cause advocates engaged in promoting a wide-range of benevolent and charitable programs and projects. There are many steps that are encouraged much like an author or any other professional to receive the acknowledgement they deserve.

Today there are several noteworthy organizations that have become the primary actors in creating the soft-power influence emulated by civilian and goodwill diplomacy efforts that generate well-being in our society.

Globcal International Goodwill Ambassadors

In 2009, Globcal International began to work to develop a training and assimilation program for those interested in becoming recognized as goodwill ambassadors. The organization has successfully recruited and trained over 250 goodwill ambassadors representing various causes who work today with their own organizations or other organizations such as the United States government and the United Nations. Our ambassadors have also been recognized by national presidents and royalty.

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Goodwill is the greatest asset of a corporation, nation, city or state!

Goodwill is a great personal asset and is the best route to kindness, consideration and reciprocity in a community or on a global scale. Goodwill ambassadors are the people that deliver greetings and makes presents between two unfamiliar parties that are looking for help or a relationship based on their heart, interests and values.

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Goodwill Is ...

Goodwill is more than just a word, when we examine it from other cultures it takes on many meanings and concludes with many similarities.

Globcal International has been focused on the development and introduction of the first international membership programs for goodwill ambassadors from organizations other than our own in the formation of the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation, the program was established to foster and promote development to extend and enhance the careers of our members.

Goodwill Ambassador Foundation

The Goodwill Ambassador Foundation caters to and provides services recognizing the development of global and local public figures that are called 'Goodwill Ambassadors' working in the areas of international cooperation, diplomatic affairs, peacemaking, cultural exchange and the rights of indigenous people. Our online presence reflects sharing news about goodwill ambassadors and periodically our own peers working in public and social media based goodwill diplomacy. The project is a fellowship developed by ambassadors to form mutual goodwill, public and social relations benefits.

Our services are provided as a privilege of lifetime membership with Globcal International which is operated as an exclusive decentralized offshore non-state organization, which is neutral in areas of conflicts, politics, religion and the state (government).

News about Global and Local Goodwill Ambassadors

In our blog and on Facebook we write articles and share news that we find which is publicly accessible about the advancement of goodwill ambassadors around the world. We use several different news gathering sources, but principally through Google News using FeedBurner. The Goodwill Ambassador News Feed is included in the Globcal International Feed.

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